Idiot Pilot has discussed some details on Wolves, their sophomore full-length, with

The duo's album, being produced by both veteran Ross Robinson (At the Drive-In, Glassjaw, Vanilla Ice) and Plus-44's Mark Hoppus (Motion City Soundtrack, Rory, We Are the Fury), will feature drumming from both Hoppus's bandmate Travis Barker and the Dillinger Escape Plan's Chris Pennie.

Member Daniel Anderson cites both the shoegazer and post-rock genres as influences that will inhabit the album's otherwise "dark pop;"

Our sound hasn't changed, and it won't alienate any fans at all, but it's definitely different. It's kind of drawing on a sort of shoegazer / My Bloody Valentine kind of thing, and maybe even going as far as to say that it's a post-rock album -- bands like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, taking that influence in our music and really bringing it to the forefront on this one. It's heavy, but not in an aggressive way. It's just heavy in a really beautiful, kind of cinematic and epic way.

The album is promised via Reprise Records in the spring of 2007. It'll follow up that label's 2005 remastered reissue of their debut, Strange We Should Meet Here, which was originally released on Clickpop in 2004.