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The Murder City Devils are going to do a final tour then break up! Apparently their keyboardist left and their bassist is going to do Pretty Girls Make Graves full time. This can go under the heading of shitty news. Supposedly the rest of the band is going to reorganize under a name change…Also I'm pretty sure they all have various band tatoos. That's no good at all. Fuck all that! MCD was a great band with a very original sound. Why do these things happen? The official word from the band can be read below.

News Update Septmeber 17, 2001

hey everybody,

I am very sorry to say that a lot of the rumors going around right now are true. Leslie has left the band, moving out of seattle this past weekend. This has left the band in a sort of limbo, and the reason that we have not said anything, is that we were not really sure what was going to happen. We wanted to make sure we knew what was going on before we said anything. This October tour will be completed with our friend, old merch guy, and drummer of Pretty Girls Make Graves, Nick DeWitt will be filling in for Leslie. We have decided that then it would be best if The Murder City Devils, as they currently exsist no longer continued. Derek is going to concentrate on Pretty Girls Make Graves. The rest of us, will continue together, the details however have not been figured out. We hope you understand that we were not trying to fuck with anybody or keep anybody in the dark, but this has been all we have known for the last 5 years and trying to figure out what was going on takes a while.


(derek, coady, spencer, nate, dann)

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