Vinyl making a comeback

A recent article discusses the resurgence of the venerable vinyl format, particularly the increased popularity of the 7-inch. While the format is still a staple of underground punk/hardcore and electronic music, the format seems to be gaining popularity among the mainstream rock fans, with popular artists like the White Stripes' also using the format. The band sold more than 5,500 copies of their "The Denial Twist" single

According to the story, sales of 7-inch singles have risen to well over one million this year, their highest levels since 1998. It attributes this to the fact that the format provides the "tactile joy of owning a physical object." New innovations like the recent approach of labels like Saddle Creek to "bundle" digital downloads with vinyl purchases have also allowed the format to bridge the gap between the recent popularity of digital purchasing an the classic medium.

Still, though the article doesn't mention it, the million sales a year pales in comparison to the nearly 705 million CDs sold in 2005 or even the more than a billion tracks sold via Apple's iTunes service.