Complete Control Radio, the weekly punk rock show hosted by Joe Sib of SideOneDummy on Indie 103.1 has announced some information about tonight's show:

Tonight on Indie 103.1 we are honored, yes honored, to have writer Steven Blush and director Paul Rachman of American Hardcore. We have seen some footage from the doucmentary and it is a MUST SEE. It covers the whole history of American Hardcore with awesome music and appearances by everyone from Keith Morris to Henry Rollins to Steve Soto. It's equally nostalgic as it is inspiring. Tune in and we talk about the film with Steve and Paul.

The show can be streamed online starting at 8pm PST (11pm EST) right here.

We are also giving away 5 pairs of tickets to Complete Control Presents The Riverboat Gamblers and Dead to Me at The Key Club on October 5th.

This week in Portland, Austin, Vegas, Oklahoma we will be playing an interview we taped with George Schwindt, drummer of Flogging Molly, when he came by to hang out in the Complete Control Radio studios. He talks about what it's like to be the sober guy in the band and he fills you in on the SideOneDummy College Tour rolling through the US starting tomorrow that features Flogging Molly, Bedouin Soundclash, and Zox.

This Friday in Portland on 94.7 Alternative Portland we have the George Schwindt interview and he fills you in on the SideOneDummy College Tour that is rolling into the Roseland Ballroom on September 24th and features Flogging Molly, Bedouin Soundclash, and Zox. He even talks about how the floor bouncses at Roseland and how its one of his favorite venues that he has played. And of course we are playing you the best in old school and new school with The Faction, Fugazi, Strike Anywhere, Naked Raygun, NOFX, and more.

This Saturday in Denver on Channel 93.3 we play an interview we recorded when Thomas from Strike Anywhere stopped by the studio. We also play new music from their record Dead FM as well as new music from Samiam, The Lawrence Arms, and The U.S. Bombs and bringin' the old school with The Germs, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and more. We also fill you in on the SideOneDummy College Tour that is rolling into the Magness Arena on October 3rd and features Flogging Molly, Bedouin Soundclash, and Zox. The Briggs are also coming through Denver October 29th at the Gothic Theater with Time Again and Blood or Whiskey.

This Sunday on Austin's 101X we let you listen in on that hang out session we recorded with George Schwindt, the drummer of Flogging Molly. Listen in to hear what he has to say about the filming of Whiskey on a Sunday, how he became a part of Flogging Molly and the SideOneDummy College Tour that is rolling through the US right now. We will be throwing The Loved Ones, Crime in Stereo, The Pogues, and Generation X on the playlist. We will be filling the rest with your requests so make sure to go to and hit us with a request.

This Sunday on 94.7 The Buzz in Oklahoma we set you up with George Schwindt and jam some 7 Seconds, Angry Samoans, Aggression, Channel 3 and more. In upcoming weeks we will be filling you in on shows coming through Oklahoma. Keep your eye out for Valient Thorr coming through as well as The Gold Tour with The Bouncing Souls, The Street Dogs, Left Alone, and Whole Wheat Bread.

This Sunday on The New Area 108 we have that interview for ya as well as NOFX, The Ramones, Good Riddance, The Pogues and more. The Briggs and Dead to Me are hitting The Dive Bar on the 26th. Don't miss out!

On Fungus 53 on XM Radio we pulled Suicidal Tendencies, Rise Against, The Toy Dolls, Sick of it All, Jawbreaker, Descendents, The Bronx, and more. No commercials, more rock…just the way we like it.

In upcoming weeks we will have The Lawrence Arms and The Draft stop by. We'll let ya know when they are going to be on Complete Control.