Our friends over at PunkRadioCast will be talking with Go-Kart Records artist the Parasites, starting at 11am EST today to discuss their new, post-reunion best-of album, Retro-Pop Remasters. They'll be dedicating the whole segment to the 'Kart and related issues, such as an attempt to answer the question "Why is Go-Kart so underrated?"

In the planning stages for this project, the label decided to embrace the community here at Punknews with a special contest:

Since we at Go-kart love the wonderful things you fine posters on PunkNews always say about us - and since we realize that the "why is Go-kart so underrated" theme will be too tempting for some of you - we have decided to have a contest. The best insult wins a box of broken Go-kart CD's and a $25 gift certificate to Interpunk to buy something from a label you like. Our money's on Jones The Bones (but he may have used all his best material already).

The winner of the contest will be selected by one or more of us, your loyal editors, here at the Org. So sharpen your wit, listen to PRC and go to town. You can leave your submission in the comments below!