According to Canadian magazine, Chart, former Sum 41 guitarist Dave Baksh's Brown Brigade has signed to Canadian label, Aquarius Records.

The label is the original home of Sum 41, as well as the Canadian home of Danko Jones, Crowned King, All Systems Go and of course, Corey Hart. The band had this to say about the signing, and label boss Donald Tarlton:

Donald accepted us with open arms, as he does with anything he believes in. Our primary concern was our creative freedom. Donald showed he backed the creativity in us 100 per cent by signing us in good faith without hearing any music. You can't beat that kind of trust. So to work with Donald again makes us feel really comfortable. Especially since he has been there since the start of Dave's career. Plus, anyone that can manage to find Slash a new bottle of Jack while Olympic Stadium is burning to the ground can obviously get shit done.

Beginning next month, the band will be hitting the road with Pennywise, The Circle Jerks and Ignite for a two week Canadian tour.