Montreal's Union Label Group will release the new album from Eric Panic, titled Le Combat Est Au Jardin. The follow up to Catharsis was cecorded by Pierre Rémillard at St-Zenon's Wild Studio this past summer. The 13 song album hits stores on October 17th.

To support the album the band will hit the road in November playing shows in their home province of Québec as well as travelling to France, Belgium and Switzerland. They'll be joined by French punk act Guerilla Poubelle and Japan's Coquettish.

Eric Panic Tour Dates
10.06.06Neuville, QCManoir De Neuvillew/ Subb, Rescue Unit
10.07.06St-Marc Des CarriËresBar l"Extraw/ Map, Underless
10.08.06St-Raymond, QCKactusw/ Crane, Alambik
10.12.06Victoriaville, QCl?…vasionwin tickets at
10.31.06Nantes, FRL'Olympicw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.01.06Angouleme, FRLe Mars Attacksw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.02.06La Roche, FRFuzz'yonw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.03.06Rennes, FRLe Jardin Modernew/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.04.06Arlon, BEEntrepotw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.05.06Wattrelos, FRBoite ‡ Musiquesw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.06.06Mouscron, BEEl Barw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.07.06Lyon, FRKaow/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.08.06Geneve, CHL'Usinew/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.09.06Toulouse, FRVent Du Sudw/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.10.06Rochefort, FRLa PoudriËrew/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.11.06Paris, FRLa Maroquineriew/ Guérilla Poubelle, Coquettish
11.15.06Sherbrooke, QCCafé Du Palaisw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.16.06Riviere Du Loup, QCTBAw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.17.06Edmonston, NBUniversitéw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.18.06JonquiËre, QCChevaliers De Colombsw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.19.06St-Jean-Sur-Richilieu, QCMetricw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.20.06Gatineau, QCl'…glise St-Jean Boscow/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.21.06Trois Rivieres, QCNord Quest Caféw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.22.06Québec, QCDagobertw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.23.06Drummondville, QCBox Officew/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.24.06Neuville, QCSalle Des FÍtesw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.25.06Montréal, QCClub Lambiw/ Guérilla Poubelle
11.25.06Montréal, QCClub Lambiw/ Guérilla Poubelle