Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Drive-Thru

An Angle has reportedly been robbed while on tour. The band's trailer was parked in Sacramento when the incident occured. The band lost a variety of equipment and is asking for anyone with information on the robbery to contact them.

  • 1964 epiphone coronet it has some alterations the bridge was changed to a tune o matic bridge so there are two holes in the body
  • fender deville 2x12 is the amp(s/n: b-236114)
  • ampeg svt 4 pro head in a black skb 8-slot rack w/ evening episode sticker
  • boss gt3 multi-effects processor
  • black mexican fender p-bass w/ white pickguard and the top strap peg was replaced with a larger screw and washer in a black skb hardcase (3 broken hinges and one broken lock)
  • a sunburst Japanese telecaster style fender p-bass w/ white pickguard strung with flat wound strings with red tops
  • 2 monster cables
  • SKB 76 key hard keyboard case
  • Proteus Orchestral Master Performance Synthesizer Keyboard (3 keys in bottom octave are broken and keyboard will not have power supply)w/ Foot pedal for keyboard
  • Squire 4-channel PA System (two speakers and a mixer). One speaker with broken input jack
  • Boss dd6 pedal
  • Boss tu-2 chromatic tuner
  • assorted instrument cables