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Slick Shoes have posted an update on their current progress.

They wrote this:

The band has been on an indefinite hiatus for the last two years for millions of different reasons…work, school, family, just life in general. Finally though, the gears have begun turning again. Now is a good time to announce that we've begun writing and rehearsing for a new project. Do we have a name yet?…no. Does this mean the end of Slick Shoes?…no. However this is no side project and we're putting everything we've got into it.

Right now we have about 20 new songs in the works and they sound great. The lineup will be: Ryan Kepke (vocals), Jonah Peterson (guitar), David Stoltenberg (guitar), Josh Kleven (bass) and John Blanchard (drums). It will be at least a few months until we're ready to start playing shows but check back here for updates. As for the future of Slick Shoes…there are currently no plans to record or play shows anytime in the immediate future.

The band released their last record, Far From Nowhere in 2003.