Contributed by GlassPipeMurder, Posted by Barsuk Break-ups

Portland's Kind of Like Spitting has called it a day. In a post on the band's Myspace page, it was announced that the band has split up for "personal reasons" amidst a lengthy post regarding a number of personal issues. The "official" statement is as follows:

My personal life has become too intense to continue writing songs that blame others for my issues.Singing these songs and touring my life into the ground has left me lost and directionless in my life. I have spent ten years of my life getting high and blaming others for my history and inability to control my demons. I want to reach a better place. I want to move FORWARD.

I will always play guitar, I will most likely start a new band. But even that is up in the air. Right now i have to pick up the pieces of my life and move on. This last tour, Losing Kate, Losing our drummer, Losing my home and the life I thought Kate and I would know has opened my eyes to alot of pretty painful things.