by Mint

Chart is reporting that the New Pornographers are writing their fourth record and follow up to 2005's Twin Cinema. The band's contract with Vancouver based Mint Records is now complete, so the indie supergroup is mulling over their future plans (they're signed to Matador in the US). While the band could easily find a home at a major label songwriter Carl Newman commented that they arn't necessarily eager to take that path: "Most of us really do want to stay indie, This is a good model. As an artist, I think there's something of great value to have a label behind you that's saying, 'We'll support you in whatever you do.'"

Whether the band plans to remains with Mint or not, they are helping celebrate that label's 15th anniversary on the ongoing Exclaim! / Mint Roadshow with labelmates Immaculate Machine and Novillero.

In regards to the Pornographers' fourth full length Newman unveiled some considerations to Chart:

"We're such music fans and students of rock history, we're always asking, 'What did the classic bands do on album three, on album four?' What was R.E.M.'s fourth album? Lifes Rich Pageant?" Err, yeah, if you ignore Chronic Town. "Yes, let's ignore Chronic Town. This will be our Lifes Rich Pageant. For some reason, I feel we should make a double album, but the world will be spared. Has there ever really been a double album that's good from beginning to end? I think the White Album is amazing, but… we're of the school that you should keep your album at 45 minutes tops. Our last two albums were 46 minutes and 48 minutes, and we were very aware of it. I remember we were recording songs and I was thinking, 'Oh, this outro is going on way too long.'"