Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Sidecho

SideCho has announced three new signings to the label.

Ghosts & Liars features Chris Du Bray and Rachel Bowman, both of who are already familiar with the label. SideCho Records was home to Chris and Rachel's former band, Some By Sea. Ghosts & Liars will be playing this year's SideCho Records CMJ Showcase that is to take place at Arlene's Grocery (95 Stanton St., NYC) on November 1. The debut album will follow in Spring 2007.

The second signing is The Only Children, which includes Josh Berwanger, formerly of The Anniversary. The band was originally known as the Holy Ghosts. The band is currently in the studio at Black Lodge in KC and will be releasing an album in Spring 2007.

Last is Peachcake from Carefree/Cave Creek, AZ. Made up of Stefan Pruett on vocals and John O'Keefe on keyboards, guitar and--the combination of both-- keytar, Peachcake has already been gaining international buzz by winning the "Best USA" category from the 2006 Toronto Independent Music Awards. Out now on Jim Adkins' (Jimmy Eat World) Western Tread Records is a CD/EP split with another Arizona-based band Less Pain Forever, titled Now We Have Something To Celebrate.