by Solid State

Dead Poetic has released a statement about their recent tour cancellation and the ensuing breakup rumours which followed:

Dead Poetic is not "breaking up." Unfortunately, we are not going to be doing this upcoming tour, which sucks because there were a lot of people who helped make it happen, including our team that has been working really hard for us.

There are a couple of us (myself and Jesse) who desperately needed to put family first this holiday season, so we were the main causes for not doing the tour. Hard decisions had to be made. Even though Dusty, Zach, and John were gung ho for this tour, the end decision was to not do it. Jesse and I had the worst timing possible, so it definitely sucks that we made our decisions when we did.

Right now, I'm just excited for Vices to be released. We're super proud of this one.

The band is gearing up for the release of their new record, Vices.