by Saddle Creek

Though it took the band three years to follow up The Ugly Organ with this year's Happy Hollow, Cursive has already begun planning their next full length.

In an interview with Billboard, band leader Tim Kasher describes intentions to cut another new album in January with a release as early as fall 2007. He also discussed the band's new album, saying:

We really didn't focus that much on the current [presidential] administration, although it's obvious what kind of period we were in when we made this record,I grew up Catholic, so that's why I'm passionate about religion. I'm an atheist now, but, with this record, that's not a negative word, it's a choice. Our theme is choice

As for his other project, Good Life, he isn't sure when it will resurface, but he has embarked on another solo project: a screenplay called "Help Wanted Nights.