Eduardo Taú of Wreck The Place Fantastic reporting in with our International Spotlight. The spotlight features updates and music downloads from bands outside the North American market. This week we're headed to Sweden:

"Take a stand for what you believe in," is what vocalist Pierre screams in this Skumdum song. That's also what this fast and furious partypunk band from Skelleftea, Sweden is all about. Live and enjoy, soon we'll all be dead. That is Skumdum.The band has been playing together with their present line-up since 2002 when Linkan joined, but Chris, Pat and Pierre have been playing together since their early teens. The music is aggressive, the lyrics often political, but this is always compounded with strong songwriting and catchy harmonies. Through blood, sweat and a lot of hard work, Skumdum have become one of the most popular punkbands in Scandinavia. They have done a lot of heavy touring, both national and international. Their unique sound, in-your-face mentality and uncompromising attitude has given Skumdum a well earned reputation for being an extraordinary and mindblowing live act. Combining true passion and devotion for the music together with the aim to make every show even better than the last, it's easy to understand why Skumdums popularity has increased so rapidly during the past three years!

Skumdum - "Take a Stand" (MP3)