Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Sabot Productions

Members of Fake Problems were arrested in Sarasota Wednesday night. Chris Farren wrote about the incident on his blog:

I'm home. Last night in Sarasota Casey, Sean and I were arrested for trespassing. The story goes like this: we were bored, the show wasn't starting for another hour and a half, and we weren't playing for another three hours probably. To kill some time and entertain ourselves, we climbed up on the roof of the strip mall the venue was attached to. As we were coming down, after about 5 minutes on the roof, someone spotted us and called the police.

As I jumped down, four police cars pulled in to the parking lot, and a helicopter was flying overhead. I jumped down and walked away before the cops saw me. Derill was walking by and an officer immediatly pushed him against the wall and handcuffed him. Sean jumped down and was assualted by an officer. The cop slammed him against the wall and yelled at him to stop resisting arrest, though Sean DEFINITELY was not resisting in any way. Casey jumped down as well.

We were questioned for about 20 minutes in the parking lot and placed under arrest around 8:30. Casey and I were put in one car, Sean in another. We were taken to the jail, got mugshots taken, and placed in sleeping cells for the night. Thankfully by 2am we were fortunate enough to be bailed out, because if I had to spend a whole night in the cell with 'Rusty' and 'Daniel', I would have found something sharp to bash my head against.

The band's mugshots can be seen via the sheriff department's website on pages 63, 64 and 67 of the linked document. The band was charged with trespassing.

Fake Problems' new full length How Far Our Bodies Go will be released by Sabot in 2007.