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While Respira has been on hiatus for the past two years, the band has now scheduled their final tour and officially announced their breakup. The Thousand Oaks, California based band posted a statement to their MySpace page:

First and foremost, we owe anyone who has asked or even wondered about what's been going on with this band over the last two years and, more or less, either been given the cold shoulder or some sort of disjointed and impractical response, a very serious apology. There is no excuse for such a lengthy, unannounced disappearance, but the closest thing to an explanation is that while it was pretty apparent for those of us in the band that Respira was on its way out since the last few shows, we simply did what anyone might have done and ignored the bad news. Keeping busy with our other respective projects and lives made this easier, and we made the mistake of just letting things sit in limbo instead of officially calling it quits. So, as overdue as it might be, we're actually going to say farewell now. And we decided it'd be best to do one more show before we lay Respira to rest.
We were lucky enough to have the Bentrup family offer their house for the show, which will be December 30th. The website has been down for a little while now, but we're trying to get it back up and get all of the show information up there. That info will all be up here on the myspace page in the meantime. Little League will be playing which is going to be great!