Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Yep Roc

Some good news in the theft of Th' Shack Shakers equipment coming as the band has recovered "95% of their gear."

The band explained:

At 10am October 30th, Officer Rob Egger with the Nashville Police Dept. awakened the sleeping giant Mark Robertson with the awesome news that the Shack Shakers' trailer, gear and merch had all been FOUND!

Dumped at a nearby airstrip by the river, the trailer sat idle with 95% of the contents still in tact. Only David's orange Gretsch (NOT the White falcon! whew.) and Mark's P-Bass were missing.

The theory goes that some illegal laborers (i.e.: no traceable fingerprints) had swiped our trailer, thinking it contained construction materials and power tools (the property where the it was parked had sustained a theft of similar items months before.) When they got the trailer to the airstrip to peek inside, they found only heavy, heaping boxes of t-shirts and unwieldy amplifiers. Only the two guitars were easy enough to swipe in a flash.

This is great news for the band and all our fans, as we can now seemlessly join up with the Reverend Horton Heat, tour the East Coast with all our old familiar gear, and NOT be set back tens of thousands of dollars.

The band also sends their thanks to police officer (and part-time bassist) Robbie Egger.