VCR is a band that makes me feel like a total hypocrite. I've admitted my distaste for so-called "dance-punk" a million times, yet something about them gets my foot tapping and my fist pumping. The obvious reaction would be "well 'duh', they're from Richmond, where YOU are from, jackass". The funny thing is, the first time I saw them (opening for Strike Anywhere a few years back) I didn't even know they were from around here. Point is, they define "funcore" (literally, the band openly describes it as their genre), and play a brand of electronic punk that isn't about goofy hairstyles and lame imagery; they play music to get you yelling, dancing and, well, having FUN.

Fresh from their peformance at this past weekend's Fest V, here's a clip of "Bratcore". You can see it here or