by Bad Religion

Greg Hetson has unveiled his newest project, dubbed Black President. The quintet features Hetson, Jason Christopher, Wade Youman (Unwritten Law), Christian Black (Dee Dee Ramone) and Charlie Paulson (Goldfinger).

The band has a manifesto of sorts explaining their origins and future plans:

[We] started out as a bunch of friends in different bands getting together to play (ruin) some of our favorite old-school punk rock. We called ourselves Shithead. It was just something to do between tours, court appearances & Jason's paternity suits…it was never meant to be anything more than an obnoxiously loud cover band.

We played legendary shows (…to 6 or 7 hollywood drunks) for about a year when Charlie was asked to write a song for a movie soundtrack. Who else was he gonna call to play on the song but his poorly-tattooed, fellow Shitheads? As history has shown the song came out better than the awful movie it was written for.

Realizing we were a better band in our sleep than 99% of the bullshit people listen to we figured we owed it to the world (…or our egos) to see this thing through. We're currently writing & recording the album which should be out by next summer.

Though the biography names the band Shithead, they have apparently renamed themselves Black President. You can check out some music on their myspace page.