Less Than Jake's Vinnie has updated his blog with some discussion of the band's upcoming album shows which promise six different records from the band's discography, in their entirety.

Vinnie had this to say:

I've been getting a lot of old friends emailing or calling saying they are coming out to the 6 "album" shows in February, this has the makings of a full blown family reunion of sorts. We were talking about the shows and I think we are going to pull off a few things that will make it special, not just going to a show but maybe something more like a party. Maybe dance contests or costume contests where we give out custom trophy's, maybe playing some long gone unreleased songs, maybe a lot of things at this point I guess we will see what materializes.

The band is also planning to release the vinyl version of In with the Out Crowd in the "next few weeks." Vinnie adds that the vinyl will feature "purple swirl vinyl with orange labels and bitching 12 x 12 see through covers."