by Victory

Bayside has begun recording their next full length and follow up to 2005's Bayside. The album, currently titled The Walking Wounded is due out in 2007 through Victory Records.

Guitarist Anthony Raneri had this to say about the record:

It was kind of inevitable that one day I would get older, wiser, more successful, married etc.. and not know what to write about anymore. That time has come I guess. I feel like over the years of being depressed and lost, I learned from my mistakes. That's what the last record was about. I wanted this record to be a progression of my life the way Sirens progressed into Self Titled. I want this album to be about how I've made the necessary changes and found out what made me happy.

It's not dance music and it's not background music. We play music for people who want something they can latch onto and listen to for the rest of their lives.

The album is the first since the tragic circumstances which saw a number of injuries and the death of drummer, John Holohan. They will be recording with producers Shep Goodman and Kenny Gioia (Mandy Moore, Leeanne Womack, LFO) and are planning to do half the record in Rheinbeck, NY at the Clubhouse and half at General Studios in Queens, NY.