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Earlier this week, the Blackout Pact announced that they were breaking up, but left little clarification on why or what had happened.

In an effort to put to bed any rumors, TBOP guitarist/co-vocalist Justin Hackl posted a message on the band's MySpace bulletin board. We've reposted the message below

So it's been a confusing week for everyone. So many people concerned on why we broke up. It blows all our minds that so many of you care. We've all had to repeat ourselves several times this week on why we broke up through e-mail, comments, phone, text messages and what not. So today Mike H and I decided to just tell the truth cause there has been to much confusion. At our show in Anaheim on the 2nd of November, Wisam decided it would be a good idea to steal a laptop computer from scary kids scaring kids. When we were first approached about it, we had no idea that he had done that. It wasn't until this past sunday in Las Vegas when I was asked by Justin from scary kids to search our van. I flat out told him, "of course, there is no way that we would ever do anything like that. And if it is in there I prommise you that it will be the end of the band." Sure enough he finds it wrapped up in a hoodie in our tour managers duffle bag. So our first instinct is that our tour manager did it. Which he admitted to. Furious and the most embarrassed I've ever been in my life, we started packing all our shit up as we were asked to leave to tour. I was a little relieved when I thought that our tour manager did it. But sure enough a few hours later we find out it was Wisam and he was hiding it to try and keep us on the tour. Again, I have never been so ashamed and embarrassed in my entire life. The scary kids were so fucking cool to us and our drummer had to pull some super shady shit and make us all look bad. That is why there is no more Blackout Pact. I'm sure Wisam and BJ will continue to play music with or without eachother. As for Mike H, Mike D, and myself, we've been talking a little about starting a new project but nothing is set in stone. Thanks again for all your compliments, concerns, and good stories from the road. It means the world to us. Sorry it had to end this way but I'm sure you all will understand after this.