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No Idea Records have posted the tracklisting, and artwork, for the new Radon release, Metric Buttloads of Rock!.

The Gainesville, FL band is credited with being one of the first to play the style of music commonly associated within the Gainesville/No Idea scene, most noticeable as an influence in bands like Hot Water Music, Grabass Charlestons, Against Me! and countless others. The upcoming release is the first from the band since the 1998's 28.

1. Write Back Or Get Smacked
2. Minneapolis
3. Rehab Barbie
4. Four Inches Of Heaven
5. King Of The Shitlist
6. Control Room
7. Turn In Your Balls
8. Moscow
9. Shane's A Neat Freak
10. Re-Animator
11. Gainesville Harpcore