by The Bamboozle

The 2007 edition of The Bamboozle has been announced, along with three headliners. The organizers have confirmed the participation of My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and, at least according to, an unnamed "American Idol."

Organizer John D'Esposito explained the latter saying:

Every year, my son, Linc, gets to pick a special guest. Last year, he picked Method Man, and people went crazy. And his pick this year is going to have everyone doing a double take, He's got an idea, and she's confirmed to be at the Bamboozle … I can't say who, but I will say she's very popular, and that she's an 'Idol.

While there have apparently been three female American Idol winners, most are betting on the prescence of Kelly Clarkson who managed to earn a cover from the illustrious Ted Leo as well as instrumental performances from Mr.Mike Watt.

Though the headliners announced thus far are more mainstream acts, the festival has previously played host to a variety of artists including Paint It Black, Poison The Well, Strike Anywhere and many others.