Contributed by shindo, Posted by Gearhead

Gearhead has signed San Francisco, California's White Barons. The label will be releasing their debut full-length release Up All Night With The White Barons on February 20, 2007.

The label had this by way of description:

Featuring the eye-popping psychobilly front woman Eva Von Slut, the band plays a blend of punk and rock n' roll infused with infectious backing "whoa" style vocals reminiscent of The Misfits in their heyday. Fueled by an unholy mixture of booze, drugs, and rock n' roll fury, the band defies being put into any genre, yet instantly suck you in with the melodic hooks, a nose-to-the grindstone guitar/bass onslaught and hardcore-style drums. This is edgy bad-assed rock n' roll played by a gang you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

As expected, you can find music on their myspace page.