Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Ska and Reggae

Reel Big Fish is less than stoked that their former label, Jive Records, has put together a new greatest hits compilation culled from the band's output on the label. Though the band is currently free of label ties, they released four records on the label including Turn The Radio Off, Why Do They Rock So Hard?, Cheer Up and We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy.

The band had this to say:

So Jive records (our former label) is putting out an RBF greatest hits CD because they see how well our live album is doing and they pretty much just want to screw us any way they can! they see that there's still money to be made from the Reel Big Fish so they are trying to get a last little piece!

There's really nothing we can do to stop them since they own ALL our previous recordings! Anyway, tell all your friends NOT to buy the new greatest hit CD, it's really not that cool, it's just stuff from our 4 studio albums that you ALREADY have (you do have all the RBF albums right!?)!! and if you do decide to pick it up, we still love ya, as long as people are enjoying our music in some way or another ya know!? We're just glad to have people listening!

The situations mirrors a similar conflict that Unwritten Law had with their former label.

The band recently released Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album.