Since everyone likes lists, here's an interesting one from the other parody/humour magazine, Cracked. The magazine compiled the five most unintentionally funny albums of 2006 and making the list were three bands who frequently appeared on this site: Dragonforce, The Mars Volta and My Chemical Romance.

It's worth a look, if only for the magazine's careful assessment of Cedric's lyrics:

After a few years of fooling 15-year old stoners with their endless prog jams and lyrics written by randomly picking words from the answers to yesterday's New York Times crossword puzzle, someone finally caught on to their charade and literally peed on them.

The feature saves its real vitriol for My Chemical Romance and The Black Parade:

My Chemical Romance, a bunch of sniveling little pop-punk MTV cretins who think they can just throw on some marching band uniforms and recreate "Bohemian Rhapsody." […] Epics are either really fun or kickass: you can either be funny and flamboyant like Queen or surly and awesome like [Lynyrd Skynyrd]. But you can't shop at Hot Topic and cry about your daddy.

To which we can only say, "ouch." Can you guys think of anything they omitted?

The entire article can be found here.