Complete Control Radio, the weekly punk rock show hosted by Joe Sib of SideOneDummy on Indie 103.1 has announced some information about tonight's show:

On tonight's show on Indie 103.1 we're going to play the interview we taped with The Loved Ones when they came through with Less Than Jake, Set Your Goals, and Catch 22. We had such a good time with them on the show when they came through on their headlining tour that we had them by again! Listen in as we catch up with the guys. We are also expecting a call from The Living End who are out there on the road with SideOneDummy's own: The Briggs traveling across the U S of A. That tour hits the Ventura Theater Dec 11th, the Anaheim HOB on Dec 12th, and the L.A. HOB on Dec 13th. Make sure and get out to one of those shows!

The show can be streamed online starting at 8pm PST (11pm EST) right here.

This Friday in Portland on 94.7 Alternative Portland we have nothing but good jams and good stories for ya. We got The Loved Ones interview part 2.0 all ready and set to go for your listening pleasure. Yeah, they didn't get enough of us the first time so they came back for more. Listen in to hear the down and dirties. We'll also play some Hot Water Music, Naked Raygun, Jawbreaker, Lifetime, NOFX, Watch it Burn, and tons more.

The Living End, will be hitting P-Town Friday December 15th at the lovely Hawthorne Theater right down the street from my buddy Frizzle, who just so happened to be in Watch It Burn. Get there for some upright bass of awesome and The Briggs to start ya off right. And then send us some of your bands' jams because Portland has a strong music scene and we're sick of our music collection! Big ups to Watch it Burn, Tenpin, and My Life in Black and White for the tunes.

This Saturday in Denver on Channel 93.3 we have those boys from Set Your Goals in the studio telling us what it was like touring with The Loved Ones and Less Than Jake. Oh yeah, and what it was like to open up for The Gorilla Biscuits at the ripe old age of 20. We'll also play The Draft, Buzzocks, and your requests. Hit us up at 1-877-999-PUNK! You can even call us and leave your name and address and we'll send ya a Complete Control t shirt!

This Sunday on Austin's 101X we are also hitting ya with The Loved Ones Part Deux. They are back, they are hanging out, they bleed on stage, the let Zach Blair hang out with them, they bring the rock. Listen to Joe ask them ridiculous questions and enjoy. We will also grace you with the hit and misses of The Clash, Scream, The Bronx, Avengers and mucho mas. Mucho, mucho mas.

This Sunday on The New Area 108 …we love you Vegas. You are a playground for adults. You destroy me but I keep going back for more. Oh hail Punk Rock Bowling. ANYWAYS, for you we have the goods. You too, are worthy of The Loved Ones 2.0 interview. They came back for more torture, we're not sure why, but listen in and maybe you'll find out. These are in fact the brilliant minds that named a member of Set Your Goals "Little Jesus." Onto the music: Black Flag, Dead Kennedy's, Falsehood, Cockney Rejects, are more.

This Sunday on 94.7 The Buzz The Loved Loved Loved Ones. We want everyone to love them, so we're bringing them into your living rooms nationwide. Yes, even for you Oklahoma. How was The Gold Tour? It was awesome, wasn't it? I told you so. How can you go wrong with The Bouncing Souls, Street Dogs, Whole Wheat Bread, and Left Alone? I will stop typing to myself now. Millencolin, DK, Joey Ramone, Bouncing Souls and tons more will be playin over the airwaves this Sunday night.

On Fungus 53 on XM Radio we have all rock and little talk. Minor Threat, Dead to Me, Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Crucifx, Samiam, MDC, Kraut, 1208, and on and on. A whole station devoted to Punk Rock. Fungus 53, what a treat?! How 'bout it?.