by WPO

WPO has announced the signing of Mustache. The Duluth, Minnesota-based band includes Travis Falcontamer & Jesse Grizzlebottom. Travis is Adam from Murder By Death's "cousin" and Jesse used to be a guitar tech for Murder By Death. A release is due in early 2007.

Falcontamer had this to say:

Man we rock. Well, we've got some news. Some'll like it and some'll say that we's is fancypantses. We signed to a record label! That's right, the hardest rockin band in the united countries of America sold out. We singed to we put out records! See, its a funny name cause its true, they indeed put records out, but there's also a sexual connonnotation there. Not bad for yanks. Anyway, our badass album is called "babes say the hottest things". And they do. Well, I digress. buy our album that comes out in 2007 or be struck down by a badass wizard with a flaming sword.

You can check out some of their music on myspace.