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"THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN has replaced former vocalist Dimitri Minakakis with newcomer Greg Puciato. This Baltimore, Maryland native earned the coveted position over dozens of other hopefuls on the strength and variation of his vocal ability as well as his impressive rehearsals with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN." More details belowwww…….

"We received over one hundred submissions but Greg’s clearly stood out over the rest. He is just like us in many ways. He is interested in using music to vent and as a way of expression to the fullest. He has the fire and determination that we feel has gotten us to the point at which we are at and which will eventually take us to the next level." said guitarist Benjamin Weinman.
The band recently debuted with Puciato at a CMJ show on October 11 at New York City’s Downtime, where THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN met an enthusiastic and positive response. Puciato explained how he became involved in the submission process and how he felt he was the perfect person for the vocalist slot: "I heard THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN was accepting tapes and I immediately knew that I was the guy. They were playing the music that I have always heard in my head but never actually on a CD. I've always liked the fact that they don't put limitations on their songwriting and that they have the musical talent and ability to play anything they can visualize. When the opportunity presented itself, I was just focused on getting where I needed to be. I knew I was right for them, but the work was in showing them that."
THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will proceed with their plans to collaborate with ex-Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton on an EP while they continue to write new material for a full-length with Puciato.
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-Kyle Grigg Maiden Chambers