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Binghamton, NY's the Serlingtons have posted 3 new songs from their upcoming EP On Thursday We Leave For Home online. You can check out the tracks on MySpace here.

Humidifier vs. Dehumidifier are a two-piece act who records everything using computers, much like fellow DIY do-gooders, Bomb the Music Industry!. Aparently the band is based on seperate continents so they rarely play live. Their album, Michael Bart LP, is free to download off their website:

Download Michael Bart LP here

Minneapolis, MN's Banner Pilot has announced some upcoming recording plans. Early next year they will be recording songs for a split with the Monikers and a split with Witches With Dicks. Next, the band will begin recording for a new full-length. In the meantime, check out some tunes from the band's recent EP, Pass the Poison over at their MySpace page.