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As the RIAA continue to claim that music piracy is causing a serious impact on their business, (even going as far as to attempt to lower artist royalties), we've received a list indicating the top-ranked contraband products in the world. So where do you think illegal movies and music fall? You'll be suprised.

Pirated music is actually tied with "Illegal fishing", and is well below "Illegal Logging", "Counterfeit Auto Parts", and even….gasp…"Trash Smuggling". You can see the full list here or

1 Marijuana

2 Counterfeit Technology Products

3 Cocaine

4 Opium/Heroin

5 Pirated Web Videos

6 Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drugs

7 Pirated Software

8 Human Trafficking

9 Amphetamines/Meth

10 Animals and Wildlife Smuggling

11 Pirated Movies

12 Ecstasy

13 Illegal Logging

14 Counterfeit Auto Parts

15 Trash Smuggling

16 Human Smuggling

17 Art and Antique Smuggling

18 Smuggled Cigarettes

19 Gas and Oil Smuggling

20 Counterfeit Clothing

21 Pirated Music