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The Ratchets have announced some new tracks they've recorded for 2007 compilations.

We're currently mixing a Ramones inspired tune called "Ramona" for the "Sedated Just Like You: 25 Original Songs About and Inspired By the Ramones" compilation being released by Full Breach Kicks. We are also appearing on "Prisoners of War: A Benefit for Peter Young" which is being released on Direct Achtung! Records and features our version of Schwartzeneggar's "The Way Things Are", which was recorded at Atomic Recordings during the "Glory Bound" sessions.

The comp also features tracks from Bouncing Souls, 108, Strike Anywhere, Propaghandi, Goldfinger, and many more. We also jumped into Vinyl Raccoon Studio about a month ago to cut a track for Vinehell Records "Let's Do It For Lance!" benefit comp for Lance Hahn (of Cringer/J-Church fame) to raise money for his kidney transplant and other medical bills. We recorded our version of J-Church's "Bottom Rung" and it looks like we'll be featured along with some other great bands like The Queers, Radon, The Parasites, and a whole bunch more doing J-Church and Cringer covers.

The band recently released their full-length Glory Bound on Pirates Press Records.