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We're a bit late with this news from Salinas Records, but like the Slackers say, Better Late Than Never, eh?

One Reason just recorded for a split 7" with Japanase band the Because which will come out in January on Salinas in American and Snuffy Smiles Records will have a Japanese version. You can hear some of One Reason's material at their MySpace page, which is a cover of an Erin Tobey song.

Salinas is going to re-release the Modern Machines / Ergs 7" that came out about a year ago. It's currently out of print. Looking further to the future, the Measure {SA} and the Modern Machines will have a split 7" out. The Ergs will be going on tour with Lemuria soon as well.

Also on the split 7" front is a split between Dirty Looks (who used to be from Brooklyn) and Bossy (who are still from Brooklyn). Potboiler, from New Paltz, NY, are going on tour in January, with Tin Armour. The tourdates are up on the Potboiler myspace. When they get back from tour, Potboiler's gonna record for a 7" coming out on Salinas at some point.

North Lincoln are currently recording for an upcoming full-length for No Idea.