by Hope Division

Hot Cross have announced the details of their now completed second attempt to record Risk Revival. The album was completed in June, but the band felt it wasn't an accurate representation of their hard work over the past year. The band is planning to release the revised album on February 20th, 2007.

The record represents their first new release since 2004's Fair Trade And Farewells. spoke with frontman Billy Werner about the record back in August of 2006.

Plans call for two album release shows in New York and Boston in late February, then begin stateside touring in March.

  1. Exits and Trails
  2. Turncoat Revolution
  3. Resent Resist Rebuild
  4. Fire the Foundations
  5. Cardiac Silence
  6. Kill the Name
  7. Silence Is Failure
  8. Fatefully
  9. Existence
  10. Rejoinder
  11. Finance Fuels the Sickness at Heart
  12. Blame Truth
  13. Scrape Wisdom