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More musicians continue to show their support for Callum Robbins, the son of producer J.Robbins who was diagnosed with SMA last year and has seen a flurry of support in the past month. Motion City Soundtrack, one of those who pledged their support to Callum, explained their motivations:

This is a brutal disease for which there is no cure. SMA Type 1 infant never attains the ability to sit independently and less than 20% of these children survive 4 years, and then only with indwelling tracheostomy tubes, occupational therapy and life in a wheelchair. Virtually all die from respiratory complications.

J., Janet and Cal live with this reality every day and the path before them is extremely long and arduous, not to mention expensive and consuming. Allopathic ("conventional") doctors, while energetically engaged in research into this condition, can offer no cure for Callum. There may be some hope -- even if only for a better quality of life -- in alternative routes and therapies. These, of course, are not covered by health insurance. It's an incredible obstacle for a household where the only wage-earner is a self-employed indie recording engineer with single-payer insurance.

The show will be headlined by Ted Leo who is performing solo, and the bill will also include Robbins' Dischord labelmates Medications, as well as The Forms and Last Letters. Tickets are $15.00.

The event takes place on January 26th in Brooklyn, New York at North Six.

If you're unable to attend the show, you can still donate via this link or via the button on the right side of this site.