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Long Island's Stray From the Path have announced that their trailer (which included all of the band's equipment) has been stolen on their tour with Alove For Enemies. According to Tom (guitar),

Our van broke down, we took it to a mechanics place to get fixed in virginia. they "fixed" something that wasnt the problem, so we brought it back saturday morning. They couldnt fix it till monday. So we jumped in alove for enemies van and played the saturday and sunday night shows in there van using there shit, and cancelled monday to get our van. we got there and our trailer was stolen with all of our equipment and they didnt fix the van at all. The guy said "he thought we took it" WHEN THE VAN WE HAVE IS IN HIS GARAGE NOT BEING FIXED…

A friend of the band has set up a Paypal account for anyone willing to help under

…its fucking crazy. so yeah we are so fucked its crazy. That equipment is everything to us, took years for us to save up for that stuff, and took out loans for that trailer that we finally paid off and not to mention the 1200$ to fix the van itself. Our good friends in bela kiss are helping us out by setting up something where people can help us out. if anybody can help out with a dollar or 2 dollars or a trailer where it says glarf on it, please do what you can. We will have that shit set up tonight. We sound like a bunch of douche bags, but we really can use the help. We have hit the absolute bottom and this has totally crippled everything we had planned for the 07. Sorry everybody, this tour was the best/worst ever, we had great great great times with some of our best friends in alove for enemies, who has been by our side the whole way, helping us out the best they can, but we really never saw this much shit coming to us. Sorry, but i needed to vent this out, because this has absolutly destroyed me and my band members. But in the end, we love playing, and hope to be on the road again by the summer with our new record. But also look out for the assholes from Virginia who took our shit, and are gonna start a band called "The Stealers".