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The Locust has announced the details of their second full-length for Anti-/Epitaph. The band recorded the album last September with producer Alex Newport.

Titled New Erections, the album is due out on March 20th, 2007. It will follow the band's 2003 Anti/Epitaph debut, Plague Soundscapes, and their 2005 Ipecac EP Safety Second, Body Last.

  2. We Have Reached an Official Verdict: Nobody Gives a Shit
  3. The Unwilling…Led By the Unqualified…Doing the Unnecessary…For…
  4. One Manometer Away From Mutually Assured Relocation
  5. Full Frontal Obscurity
  6. Scavenger, Invader
  7. Hot Tubs Full of Brand New Fuel
  8. God Wants Us All To Work in Factories
  9. Book of Bot
  10. Slum Service (Served on the Sly)
  11. Tower of Mammal