Matt Hensley, accordion/concertina player has left Flogging Molly. While this has been rumoured for some time, official confirmation from the band came in today. Matt leaves the band on good terms and had this to say:

First let me say that it has been an honor to play with Flogging Molly for the last 10 years. I would have never thought that playing the accordion, an instrument that almost got me shot when I first was learning, would have led me down a road to Molly Malone's, Dave King, and an extended family called Flogging Molly. I have been blessed to be so lucky. I am writing this to tell you that I am leaving the band.

This decision was not easy for me. I have an eight year old son Oliver who is becoming a little man, and the feeling that he needs his old man around is becoming too strong for me to ignore. The older my son gets the harder it is for me to leave him behind to go out on tour. Flogging Molly, as you know, is a hard working band that tours most of the year; I would never try to change that. I must follow my guts and step down. I'm departing the band but I will never leave what Flogging Molly has meant to the fans and myself. I look forward to playing on some songs when the band is in San Diego.

Speaing of touring, Flogging Molly is hitting the road for a month-long tour beginning February 22nd.