Contributed by Infrarecon, Posted by Warner Music Group

In a recent interiew in the January/February issue of Magnet Magazine, Kevin Shields, guitarist/vocalist of My Bloody Valentine discussed his interest in recording a new record with the influential 90's alternative rock group:

A lot of people say the reason My Bloody Valentine didn't make another record is because we couldn't. That's mostly true, but not because we couldn't make another record, but because I never could be bothered to make another record unless I was really excited by it. And just by fate or whatever, that never happened. I'm quite optimistic about the future, even though experience has taught me that I'm probably just delusional. I do feel that I will make another great record. We are 100 percent going to make another My Bloody Valentine record unless we die or something. I'd feel really bad if I didn't make another record. Like, shit, people only got the first two chapters, but the last bit is the best bit. It's just that it's taken me such an oddly long time for that to happen. How long will that take to transpire into an actual physical record? I don't know.

Their last release was 1991's Loveless, via Sire/Warner Records, and is heralded by many music critics, fans and musicians and one of the decade's best and the group has often been cited an an influence among many popular bands, perhaps most notably Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Though an official break-up/hiatus was never announced, the band has for the most part been inactive since 1995.