Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Lobster

Lobster Records have announced that Anchors For Arms were recently involved in a van accident. According to the band,

Yesterday we were involved in a really bad accident. While driving west on Route 80 in Wyoming, we hit a patch of ice and spun a full 360 degrees on an overpass and hit a guard rail. Fortunately, by the grace of whoever it is we believe in, we all came out unscathed. However, our van is totaled. We were originally going to make the trip back home to Jersey, but for those that know us..know we will not go down that easily. We will make the trek to Colorado Springs and buy ourselves a new van. We will then make our way to California. The tour should pick back up for the Oakland show on the 18th. We are so very sorry to the promoters and kids that hoped to see us in Utah and Seattle. We would never give up on you guys..please don't ever give up on us. See you soon. Thanks for all the support.

The band joined the Lobster roster last year.