The Asbury Park Press is reporting that a recent hardcore show at Club Deep ended in tragedy as 25-year old Iraq veteran James C. Morrison was killed. Authorities have reported that along with friends Morrison attended Deep, a club on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, this past Sunday.

According to the County Prosecutor:

[Inside the club, there was a fight,] which at some juncture, proceeded outside. The exact role that Mr. Morrison played in any of this remains under investigation. Police are still working to piece together precisely what happened.

James' mother described the account she received of the night:

They were sitting at the bar and had a couple of drinks. There was something where guys were arguing and, out of the blue, one guy threw a bar stool at my son and hit him in the head. [After leaving the club, ], someone came from behind . . . and hit him in the head

She revealed that Morrison spent several years in the Navy and was stationed on the USS Bataan during the war in Iraq.

A flyer for the show indicates that Ramallah, Wisdom in Chains, Hard Response and Years Spent Cold were expected to perform. While the incident is still under investigation, bands associated with the concert have reportedly seen somewhat of an online backlash, resulting in Ramallah's statement that they were not involved and did not actually perform at the show. sends our condolences to James' friends and family.