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Robot Eyes has announced that they have broken up. Here is a statement from the band:

Robot Eyes first show was on June 1st of 2005, and our last show was on January 6th 2007. In that time the band did four full west coast tours with other bands such as Daggermouth, First To Leave, and Gunsmoke. We also did a string of shows through Canada, and week long trip into California and countless other local shows. We self released a demo, as well as full-length CD on Escapist Records. We would like to thank everyone that helped our band, whether it was doing a show, buying merch, letting us sleep on their floor, or just saying "You're sick!!!!" We broke up for various reasons none of which are very interesting. We will let everyone know about any future musical projects which involve any Robot Eyes members. Soon we hope to post up all the songs we ever wrote for download.

The band released one full length, Arrêt which is available from Escapist Records.