by Vagrant

From Autumn to Ashes recent sat down for an interview discussing their new album, titled Holding a Wolf By the Ears. The album will be their first since the band opted to relieve "The Screamer" Ben Perri of lead vocal duties. The track features former co-vocalist (now frontman) Francis Mark handling all vocal duties.

Though initial reports seemed quite hostile, the band has apparently made peace with Perri saying:

I definitely understand why he did it, now that we've talked. Ultimately I think it was the honorable thing to do. He could have come down to the studio and given a real halfhearted performance. Then we would have been in real trouble. But I think it was cool of him to recognize that he just didn't have the passion for the band anymore and couldn't deliver. It was probably a difficult thing for him to do."

Still, with the new lineup and the acclaim for Francis Mark's acclaimed side project Biology, the group feels like they have moved in a dramatically different direction:

Part of me is hoping that some people can look at this as a new band and not draw too many comparisons between this record and the past three, because I feel like it's kind of a new beginning,