Contributed by BrendanKelly, Posted by Fat Possum

Billboard is reporting about the upcoming album from Dinosaur Jr.. The album is their first since they reunited last year, and the first to feature previously estranged bassist Lou Barlow since he left the band in 1989. The band released their previous full length, Hand It Over in 1997.

Titled Beyond, the record was recorded with engineer John Agnello and is due out May 1 on Fat Possum. The band was originally signed to SST before joining Sire in the 90s. Reissues of their albums have been produced by both Rhino and Merge.

Also in the works is a Dinosaur Jr. live DVD, due out May 8, 2007. The disc was directed by Mascis' brother-in-law, Phillip Virus and will include live performance footage from the first half of the reunion tour, including shows in New York and Boston.

  1. Almost Ready
  2. Crumble
  3. Pick Me Up
  4. Back to Your Heart
  5. This Is All I Came to Do
  6. Been There All the Time
  7. It's Me
  8. We're Not Alone
  9. I Got Lost
  10. Lightning Bulb
  11. What If I Knew…