Sham 69
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The BBC is reporting that long-running punk band Sham 69 have split up in what is being termed a "bitter fall-out" between vocalist Jimmy Pursey and guitarist Dave Parsons.

Pursey said Parsons had left the group, while Parsons said he and drummer Ian Whitewood had sacked the singer. Both are now laying claim to the Sham 69 name. Pursey said: "He [Parsons] has walked out of the band. I am Sham 69."

Parsons and Whitewood said they sacked Pursey because he showed little interest in playing live. Pursey denied that, saying he only turned down revival gigs that were booked for the sake of money. Parsons and Whitewood have found a new bassist and will start auditioning singers shortly with the intention of carrying on as Sham 69.