Contributed by Fuzzy, Posted by New Music Roundup

San Francisco's Lugosi have posted a new song. You can check out "Bullets and Poison" on their MySpace page.

The Pax Cecilia, from DuBois, PA, have posted 2 new tracks off their upcoming album. As with their previous one, the cd will be completely free and you can get one by emailing the band. You can hear the tracks at their MySpace page.

Us Against The Archers, featuring former members of The Skeptics, have posted a new song called "Glass House Party." They are currently working on an EP and have already filmed a video for "Glass House Party" so be on the lookout for that coming soon. Check it all out at their MySpace page.

Southeastern-Ohio based Project Active Media act Some Kind Of Sleeping Giant will be releasing a 5 song EP titled Hands on Feb 2nd, 2007. The EP will contain 5 songs from their upcoming full length How You Can Tell You Are Really Alive. Four songs are available for download at PAM's brand new website, as well as streaming on the band's MySpace page.