Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Sailor's Grave Break-ups

The Ducky Boys have called it a day. Frontman Mark Lind made the announcement saying:

Some people probably don't get it since the Ducky Boys have always sort of been "my band" (not to take anything away from Jay but he and I have discussed this and he knows what I mean when I say that). Basically I've been in a band for 12 years and there are a lot of associations that go with it. Regular practice nights, managing schedules of a variety of people, taking into account their personal lives, the repetition of the cycle - release record, play shows, possible tours etc etc etc. At this juncture I just don't want to be "in a band". I want to take time to myself and only worry about myself.

My decision has nothing to do with the people involved and it isn't anything personal against them. It just has to do with people in general. I want to circle the wagons and keep a tight leash on who has a hand in my life and, as part of it, my music…. because that's all I really have. I'm a person that has chosen not to have a family - I barely even speak to my parents - but having a band is like having a series of significant others and I just need to be single for a while.

Last year the band released The War Back Home and Lind released the solo album Death or Jail.