Contributed by aubin, Posted by Hewhocorrupts, Inc.

Chicago's Holy Roman Empire have announced that they'll be entering Atlas Studios (Rise Against, the Lawrence Arms) with Matt Allison and Neil Hennessey to record their debut full-length in a few days. The album will be released June 5th through Hewhocorrupts Inc. The band had this to say on the new material:

We are MUCH more focused on writing the songs around Emily's vocals with this release. Writing the full-length has been a very different experience than the EP. We wrote the majority of the music for the EP prior to Emily being in the band. She is the centerpiece of what we are trying to convey this time around. An intense amount of detail was spent tediously going over vocal harmonies and vocal patterns. These songs are much more vocally driven, and that is exactly what we aimed for.

According to the label, Holy Roman Empire combine influences from Sunny Day Real Estate with their "core roots" the Hope Conspiracy and Shai Hulud.